Practical info

Presentation guidelines

Information for presentation

There is not a standard format to present the paper. Each presentation is scheduled for a 12-minute slot. This will allow for a 10-minute presentation followed by a 2-minute session for questions and answers.

Projectors will be available in all session rooms. The standard software used is Microsoft PowerPoint. Please bring your presentation files on a USB storage device.

We kindly ask you to read the below mentioned tips in order to help you format your presentations.

Tips for formatting your presentation

  • Please limit the number of slides max to 12.
  • Use black font (Arial, Times New Roman or Helvetica);
  • Headings should be 40-point font or larger; sub-headings should be 30-point or larger; and text should be 24-point or larger if possible.
  • Limit the writing to minimum – include only essential information, list key concepts, not full sentences.
  • Tables and graphics should be kept simple and clear.
  • The closing slide should encourage questions from the audience.
An example template (not mandatory) is available clicking here.